Experience @ Vivre

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Front-end Developer


February 2015 - December 2017

Bucharest, Romania

My goal here was to make the online shopping experience a breeze on Vivre apps. Worked on multiple platforms/disciplines. Not only design and front-end but also into the native capabilities of your mobile phone with Cordova.


  • 2017

    • Moved all front-end to Node/JavaScript and released a fully responsive layout
    • Designed and implemented the client-side functionality for the new "Return Form" where users can quickly return products bought on our website
    • Introduced automated E2E testing with CasperJS
  • 2016

    • Migrated the front-end to NODE.js with server-side rendering and client-side hydration (Backbone and Handlebars)
    • Migrated (for some pages) the view engine from Handlebars to Vue.js
    • Better development flows with NPM and Webpack (Hot Reload for Vue pages, CSS injection)
    • Started implementing a new responsive design project with the technologies above
  • 2015

    • Built and launched the Vivre hybrid Mobile App
    • Designed and implemented features and sections of the website/app
    • Implemented build tools for minification and SASS pre-processing, or email generators. (Webpack, Gulp, NPM)


  • Vue.js,
  • Backbone.js,
  • Gulp,
  • Webpack,
  • Node,
  • Testing with CasperJS,
  • Cordova,
  • Git,
  • Sketch,
  • Photoshop