Hey there!

I’m Adrian, nice to meet you!

I'm a Front-end Developer living in Bucharest, Romania. Building web apps for more than a decade. Coding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with all the flavors like React, Sass, Typescript, and also fiddling with backend technologies like Node.js or PHP. Design-driven, where every detail counts and user experience is always first.

Tech stack


React with Typescript, SASS and HTML

Build / DevOps

Webpack, NPM, Travis, Git, Docker

Server side

Node.js usually with Express.js


Familiar with Photoshop, Sketch, Figma, etc and I also like to design web apps or features in existing apps that I work on from time to time

Used in the past

Backbone.js, Angular.js, Vue.js, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Grunt, Gulp, Cordova


Senior Front-end Developer


January 2018 - May 2020

Bucharest, Romania

Worked on a financial planning application. This app has a custom framework that enabled the concept of "micro frontends" where each team can develop their own stuff in isolation from other teams.

  • Implemented the designs and features into the app
  • Developed a library where each team can publish their own react components and use across the organization
  • Won an innovation award for building a grid-like component that needed to handle around 30-40 thousand of nodes all on a single render
  • Participated in an IBM program called "Everyday Leadership" that helped me develop my soft skills like speaking in public, communicating with colleagues and many more.

Technologies used: React, Redux, Typescript, Unit Tests (Jest and react-testing-library), Docker, Travis CI, NPM, Semantic-Release

Front-end Developer


February 2015 - December 2017

Bucharest, Romania


Make online shopping experience a breeze on our apps.

I work on multiple platforms/disciplines. Not only design and front-end but also into the native capabilities of your mobile phone with Cordova.

Important milestones timeline:


  • Moved all front-end to Node/JavaScript and released a fully responsive layout.
  • Designed and implemented the client-side functionality for the new return form where users can quickly return products bought on our website.


  • Migrated the front-end to NODE.js with server-side rendering and client-side hydration (Backbone and Handlebars)
  • Migrated (for some pages) the view engine from Handlebars to Vue.js
  • Better development flows with NPM and Webpack (Hot Reload for Vue pages, CSS injection),
  • I started implementing a new responsive design project with the technologies above.


  • Built and launched the Vivre hybrid Mobile App that right now you can find on the Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Designed and implemented features and sections of the website/app
  • Implemented build tools for minification and SASS pre-processing, or email generators. (Webpack, Gulp, NPM)

Front-end Developer


April 2013 - January 2015

Bucharest, Romania

Working from home is an exhausting thing, but an interesting experience. All this time I've been working with my past employers, LandmarkGroup, Prologue, and Ten.ro on some wonderful projects like www.landmarkshops.com, www.dbi2015romania.com, www.prices.ae, and others.

Front-end Engineer

Landmark Group

May 2012 - April 2013

Dubai, UAE

Worked on launching the LandmarkShops.com project.

My main role was to convert all the designs into HTML, CSS and JS but I also designed some of the modules of the website.

It was a challenging experience and I've learned a ton of JS while building the user interactions, shopping basket experience, store locator, wishlist, etc.

Web designer / Front-end developer

Prologue Advertising

December 2011 - May 2012

Bucharest, Romania

Excited to be working on lots of projects, always having something new to do and being challenged by coworkers.

Designer - I was pushing pixels in Photoshop to create beautiful websites. Developer - Taking the pixels and converting them into clean & semantic HTML, CSS and JS/jQuery and for some projects even going a step forward and integrating all this into Wordpress.

Designer & Developer


January 2007 - December 2011

Bucharest, Romania

Working my way through college while designing websites & building them into HTML, CSS & JS.

I also did a lot of print design for banners.

Working for free and learning things online at the beginning made me realize that the web is fun and I wanted to start doing this as something more than just a hobby.

Say hi! 👋

My email is hi@adrianf.com

I'd be happy to connect with you via social platforms