Experience @ IBM

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Senior Front-end Developer


January 2018 - May 2020

Bucharest, Romania

Worked on a financial planning application build on the concept of micro frontends and microservices using the latest technologies, but also legacy code. My role was to implement new features into the app, mentor, and innovate.


    • Implemented the designs and features for the main financial planning application
    • Developed a library where each team can publish their own react components and use across the organization
    • Won an innovation award for building a grid-like component that needed to handle around 30-40 thousand of nodes all on a single render
    • Participated in an IBM program called "Everyday Leadership" that helped me develop my soft skills like speaking in public, communicating with colleagues, and many more
    • Mentored a few colleagues


  • JS,
  • React,
  • Redux,
  • Webpack,
  • Typescript,
  • Unit Tests (Jest and react-testing-library),
  • Docker,
  • Travis CI,
  • NPM,
  • Semantic-Release